Fashion Math: Decoding The Outfits From The Men’s London Collections

If you want to see dudes draped in lace and fringed body-con dresses (I mean, why wouldn’t you?), you needn’t look further than London Collections: Men. This biannual fashion fest showcases the best of British menswear, giving designers the opportunity to debut their trendiest, most envelope-pushing looks. Those lucky enough to attend the Spring/Summer ’15 edition of LC:M (June 15-17) get to check out everything from tailored suits to Japanese-inspired mankinis. Meanwhile, I passed a shirtless man wearing flip-flops and jorts on my sidewalk this morning—but their way sounds cool too, I guess.

It can be admittedly hard to digest some of London Collections’ avant-garde styles, so we decided to use our trusty Fashion Math method to break down this season’s crazier looks. Enjoy!

A Matisse painting + Vanilla Ice = this Hunter Gather shirt.
Photos: Getty Images/EMI

Hanson + The Hamptons White Party = this Common outfit.
Photos: Getty Images

Magneto + Piper Chapman = this KTZ outfit.
Photos: Getty Images/Netflix

A Canadian Mountie + a cowboy = this MAN outfit.
Photos: Getty Images

This guy from ’Gangam Style’ + Harry Dunne = this Topman Design outfit.
Photos: YG Entertainment/New Line Cinema/Getty Images

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