Lady Gaga’s Not The Only Pop Star Taking Notes From Cher

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If you don’t keep close tabs on Lady Gaga like I do (um, it’s my job, so bye H8ERz), you may have missed the large, curly wig she’s been wearing since last week. She’s been wearing it with a slew of different looks, but all have one thing in common—it’s hard to deny how Cher that wig is. Gaga is not the only pop star paying attention to Cher’s past looks—Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and more have all taken pages from her long and iconic book.

Below are a few of the most obvious homages/imitators/etc. If you’re a pop star looking to start a trend, you can rest assured that Cher (probably) did it first.


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Miley’s Bangerz Tour wardrobe is heavy on the sequins and cutouts. Guess who was wearing a similar white outfit in 1975? Cher.


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Long before there was a hashtag for freeing the nipple, Cher was letting hers do their thing under a sequined Bob Mackie piece. Rihanna went just as sheer and just as sparkly 36 years later.


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Head-to-toe gold? Check. Flanked by dancers? Check. At the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, Selena Gomez took some inspiration from Cher’s Farewell Tour, which took place in 1994. Selena was two at the time.


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While Cher, of course, took inspiration for this look from, y’know, Egypt, Katy Perry has similarly blended Egyptian imagery with bright colors and ~sparkle~.


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Croptop + long sleeves + midsection sparkle = Beyonce in 2001 and Cher in 1973.


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Ciara’s 2013 VMA Givenchy dress was so similar to Cher’s Bob Mackie dress that it’s probably a straight-up homage, right? IDK, but both ladies are champs for dealing with itchy feathers on their ankles all night.


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Last summer suggested Rihanna win an award for her huge hoops, but it looks like another person is the rightful recipient. Spoiler alert: It’s Cher.


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The dark wig that inspired this post isn’t the first that Gaga’s worn à la Cher. Her curly Botticelli babe wig is very similar to the long, blonde one Cher wore on The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour in 1972.

We could look through Cher pictures all day (and sometimes we do), so, hey, pop stars, you have a lot more looks to pull from. We’re excited to see what’s next, TBH—there’s just so much!

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