The House Of Solid Gold: Where Shoelaces Cost A Cool $15,000

Gold Shoelaces

Would you pay $15K for these bad boys?
Photo: The House of Solid Gold

I don't have anything against rich people. I really don't. But when I stumble upon websites like House of Solid Gold and see they're selling shoelaces that are the same price as a car, thinking about whoever would buy them makes my right eye twitch. The e-commerce site is pretty self-explanatory: It takes everyday items and transforms them into all-gold masterpieces, and in theory, that's awesome. I've truly never seen a more badass set of nail clippers in my life, but the more time I spend on this site, the more and more insane depressing it becomes. So, I just had to share some of the craziest items with y'all. Tip: Don't look at your bank account before proceeding.


The weirdest part—to me—is that they decided to make a mountain bike for $1 million. Like, you'd think they go with a cruiser or road bike where mud, rocks, and, um, mountains are much less prevalent, but I digress. Some key highlights include the black-diamond-encrusted logo and the decked-out alligator skin seat. FANCY.


I'm a wee bit skeptical about throwing down $15,000 for a skateboard that looks like it has zero traction and a 100% chance of getting scratched within the first 30 seconds of use, but, hey, that's just me.

SHOELACES: $14,995

When I read the fine print on these insanely expensive shoelaces, it said they offer a lifetime warranty with the exception of "normal wear and tear or the natural breakdown of materials over extended time and use" (aka: You're screwed).


Yeah, um, I don't even need to explain why this $299 PB&J sandwich should be followed by a big "no" and a "thank you."

TOOTHPICK: $129.99

It's just one toothpick, people. One. I can't even hold onto a regular toothpick for more than three minutes without losing it, so to me this is like flushing $130 down the toilet, but way less fun.

To see even more gold insaneness, head on over to The House of Solid Gold!

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