Nicki Minaj Reveals Two New Fragrances In 24 Hours: Onika And Minajesty Exotic Edition

Nicki Minaj

Exotic Minajesty is coming.
Photos: Getty Images/HSN

Usually when an artist releases a perfume it's tied to their album release, but in Nicki Minaj's case, her upcoming The Print Print means she has TWO different perfumes on the way: Onika and an "exotic edition" of Minajesty. (TBH, we wouldn't expect anything less from a woman who makes a portmanteau of her name and a royal title.)

Nicki Minaj

Onika, Nicki's third fragrance.
Photo: @nickiminaj Instagram

Ever the hair chameleon, Minaj sports two different dye shades on her new perfume bottles. On Exotic Minajesty she's blonde, while on Onika, the perfume she announced during the "Pills N Potions" video, she's brunette. Both bottles wear bustiers, but Onika's features cutouts and, in a way, is similar to the top of the dress Nicki wore to the Billboard Awards. Maybe her next fragrance bottle will feature pasties? We can only hope.

We'll have to wait until July 11 to find out what Exotic Minajesty smells like, but as for Onika's scent? Minaj gave us a sneak preview on Instagram: "SMELLS LIKE ANGELS IN THE GARDEN OF....perfection." It's not a fragance I'm currently familiar with, but I'm sure I will be soon!

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