I Spent Pride Weekend At Dyke Day LA, And Now Joggers Are My New Favorite Thing

Photo: Danielle Owens-Reid

“Happy Pride” said the really attractive girl that I couldn’t actually carry on a conversation with because she was ~2 pretty 2 live~. I’m v. grateful to MTV Style for allowing me the opportunity to take pictures of hotties and cool kids without seeming like a creep.

Dyke Day LA is an all-day picnic that happens in Barnsdall Park right after Dyke March. Since 2008, they’ve been killin it, finally finding a way to mix the cray of Pride weekend with the calm of a family picnic. The general vibe is cool kids, hip families, hot ladies, and a handful of people who pass out flyers/take-out menus? I knew I was about to have the best time because my friend told me she goes every year, and she’s a lot cooler than me.

Photo: Dannielle Owens-Reid

I had a blast, largely because the music was BANGIN’. I don’t need an excuse to dance to “Problem,” but I appreciate being able to do so surrounded by all of the pretty lesbians. Also, everyone is dressed so cool and hip, and I made my friends ask people if I could take their picture.

An interesting fact about me—I can’t talk to hotties. AT ALL. Especially when the hotties are dressed well. At Dyke Day, I was intimidated even more than usual because not only was everyone attractive and cool, but they all seemed intelligent, funny, creative, and hard-working, which means wife material. YOU CAN’T JUST APPROACH YOUR FUTURE WIFE ALL NONCHALANT, YOU KNOW?!

Photo: Dannielle Owens-Reid

However, this was a great learning experience for me because I was asking two cool kids if I could take their picture as they were chillin’ on a couple of skateboards, and they said I looked fly. THEY SAID I LOOKED FLY. To which I responded, “Even though I’m wearing a One Direction tank!?” One of them squinted at the sun, and the other one moved a bag of Doritos, hopefully those are signs of approval?

So, here. I’ve made a collage of my favey Dyke Day Duds, myself included. I don’t usually look that cool, so I’m feeling hella proud right now. Things that are in right now (according to LA Dyke Days): joggers, snapbacks, animal print, jorts (naturally), any sort of boot/shoe that stops at the ankle, kewl sunglasses, strappy shoes (those maybe have a fancier name that I don’t know).

Photo: Dannielle Owens-Reid

On the left is Amelia, wearing a hat that says Amelia Island. I’m willing to pay billions of dollars for a hat that says Dannielle Island, LMK if you can find one. SIDEBAR: She’s wearing gold shoes. DOUBLE SIDEBAR: I followed her around all day and didn’t say anything and then made my friend talk to her LOL.

McKenna, here in the middle, was one of my favorites because her shoes make me drool in a good way, and this is when I learned I need new shoes.

P.S. I’m obsessed with animal print right now, but I didn’t realize you could mix animals. It’s, like, a leopard and zebra would never hang out, and now here they are, living the dream. My new goal is to be cool enough to wear an outfit v. similar to this one on the right. I want to be you.

Photo: Dannielle Owens-Reid

JORTS. JORTS. JORTS. JORTS. JORTS. (Not a cool thing to chant at Dyke Day LA, just as a forewarning.)

Photo: Dannielle Owens-Reid

JOGGERS! Joggers are my new favorite thing. Mine aren’t as cool as ANY OF THE JOGGERS PICTURED HERE, but it’s fine because now I have these pictures saved to my computer, and I will type in “army green joggers” as I search for new things to buyyyyy. Also, THESE HATS ARE A THEME, WILL THEY LOOK GOOD ON ME? PLZ ADVISE.

Photo: Dannielle Owens-Reid

This is me, I did not find a wife at Dyke Day, so we still have work to do, MTV Style. BYE Y’ALL.

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