Demi Lovato Wore A Leather Suit And Rainbow Hair For L.A. Pride Parade


Demi Lovato performs at 2014 L.A. Pride Parade.
Photo: Getty Images

Can you imagine being charged with inspiring and entertaining 400,000 people AND looking fabulous AF while doing it? Well, that's exactly what Demi Lovato's duties as Grand Marshall of the L.A. Pride Parade entailed, and she made it look like the most fun and natural job in the world.

During the Sunday afternoon festivities, Demi sang and danced while crowds flooded the streets to cheer her on. Her performance of "Really Don't Care" was energetic and upbeat, but her black suit gave off something a bit more serious (and borderline S&M).


Leather is a girl's best friend.
Photo: Getty Images

To be fair, tight black leather already sort of screams "bondage," but Demi took the look even further with the details: studding, metal rings, and straps. From a distance, it looks like she's wearing your average black necktie. But upon closer inspection, it's actually a repurposed bondage strap. (You can initiate your slow clap now.)

D's outfit was offset by her newly rainbow hair (you might recall it was previously purple-silver ombre) and Technicolor backup dancers—the perfect mix of playful and badass. More like Fifty Shades of YAY, amirite?

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