Making A Case For Wildly Impractical iPhone Cases

3D IPhone cases

My case DGAF.
Photo: @sweatmoustache's Instagram

You'd be amazed at how many strangers come up to me, unprovoked, and say, "That's an, um, interesting iPhone case you have there. How does it even fit in your pocket?" The answer: it doesn't, and I'm totally OK with that. A couple months ago, I got a new (disclaimer: very large and very awesome) case and since then, I've encountered—what I'm calling—Impractical iPhone Case Bullying or IICB. Family members, friends, and total randos think it's OK to come up to me and dismiss my tech accessory because it's not 100% practical. And you know what? It's time to make a case for all these, erm, cases.

3D IPhone cases

Miley Cyrus and her decked-out iPhone case.
Photo: Miley Cyrus' Instagram

Yes, Miley Cyrus' iPhone case is 10 times more decked out than mine, and everyone that attended Jeremy Scott's A/W 2014 Moschino show was lucky enough to walk away with his McDonald-themed french-fry case (including Katy Perry), but I'm here to stand up for the regular ol' folk, the commoners, the everyday people that are willing to tote around an excessively large case just because they want to—and not feel bad about it. No, it doesn't fit in my pocket, but who cares? On the rare occasion that I do wear pants, you can bet your bottom dollar I'm not carrying my iPhone in them. And, if anything, the world should be thanking us for jazzin' up the everyday mirror selfie with a touch of pop art.

3D IPhone cases

Impractical iPhone cases to rule them all.
Photo: Opening Ceremony/Skinnydip London/Amazon/Storenvy/Moschino

The iPhone case is a proud extension of my personal style—just another way to accessorize alongside the standard handbags and shoes. Think about it: You wouldn't walk up to a stranger, point to their stilettos, and say, "Whoa, those shoes are impractical!" because, hey, that's just plain rude. So if you're deciding to take a stand against the basic case (like me!), I suggest swiping up a 3D skate deck, pink puff ball, or melted Moschino ice cream to really stand out. And, hey, good luck out there. Don't let IICB get to you.

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