Happy Birthday, Kanye! Here's Some Ice Cream Swag To Make You Smile

Kanye West

Happy Birthday, Ye! Photo: Splash News

Today is Kanye West’s birthday, y’all! Judging by how epic his wedding was, we doubt Kanye will be skimping on the celebration for his his 37th year. Last year’s party guests included Beyonce, Jay Z, and Nas. While there’s no point in even trying to speculate how it will go down and what he will wear–with all of his designer friends, the possibilities are endless–we can say with relative confidence that there will be ice cream. Even if you haven’t obsessively followed photo trails of Kanye’s whereabouts over the years, surely you’ve seen the photo-turned-meme of 'Ye looking at his happiest while enjoying an ice cream cone. So, to help celebrate Kanye’s birthday, even if you don’t make this year’s uber-exclusive guest list, we rounded up some of the best ice cream-themed clothing online that you can wear in spirit. You don’t need Red Octobers to show your love for Yeezy.

Kanye West

Photo: Forever 21

If you’re lactose intolerant, maybe ease into showing your Yeezy pride with these subtle ankle socks. We wouldn’t want the temptation to be too strong—but these still send a message. Plus, priced at only $1.50, the commitment is low.

Kanye West

Photo: Romwe

If College Dropout-era Kanye is your favorite, this Ben & Jerry's ice sweatshirt is perfect for you. Back in those days, Kanye was all about maximalism–the more logos the better. One of his first press images was of him carrying a Louis Vuitton backpack, so he definitely would have approved of this brand-centric sweatshirt. Nowadays, 'Ye’s all about minimalism.

Kanye West

Photo: Asos

What kind of light does this ice cream lamp cast? We’re guessing the endless glow of summer sunsets. Why wouldn’t you want to make this a permanent fixture in your home? Not only is it pretty adorable with a vintage-y charm, it also shows that, like Kanye, you’re a fan of making big statements.

Kanye West

Photo: Lane Crawford

Obviously you’re going to need some Yeezy-size pockets to afford these kicks, but they’re so cute, we had to include them. Not to mention, they’d make a super fun DIY project. Just get yourself a pair of blank canvas pumps from a fast-fashion retailer, some pastel paint, and waffle paper you can wrap around the heel. Voilà! Art school era-Kanye would be all like this.

The worst part about an ice cream sandwich is trying to eat it in the sun so here’s a melt-free version of the gooey classic that’s perfect for a June pool day. TBH, we’ve yet to see 'Ye eat an ice cream sandwich, but he’s definitely a fan of doing the unexpected.

Kanye West

Photo: Rage On

We’re just gonna say it: This one is ~out there~. For starters, there is no way Kanye would actually share his ice cream. And aside from Ye being from Chicago and Urkel’s Family Matters' character also hailing from the Windy City, the two don’t have much in common. But the unlikely pairing makes it that much more difficult to look away.

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