Lady Gaga Loves Shopping In Daphne Guinness’ Closet

Lady Gaga in New York City.
Photo: @ladygaga Instagram

When most people wear vintage clothing, they have no idea where their clothes came from. Sure, they likely purchased their vintage pieces at a store organized by color, but I’m talking about originally. They have no idea who (or how many people) wore that shirt before them. Their clothes have history they don’t even know about. Lady Gaga, obviously, is not like most people. Lady Gaga knows exactly who wore her clothes before her and, in the case of the sequined number she wore last night, that person is Daphne Guinness.

Gaga is on a break from her ARTPOP tour and debuted a new look yesterday–very Designing Women, don’t you think?–and revealed in the caption of one of her Instagram photos that the sequined leopard print piece she has on is Dolce & Gabbana archive and was previously owned and worn by Daphne Guinness. Most of my vintage stuff is, like, Gap vintage and previously owned and worn by someone who couldn’t eat without spilling, but I digress. Lady Gaga has been a longtime fan of Daphne–she’s called her a living legend and muse–so wearing Daphne’s clothes is a BFD. This isn’t the first piece of couture broken in by Daphne Guinness that Gaga owns, BTW–in 2012 she successfully bid on an Alexander McQueen gown that Daphne wore in Harper’s Bazaar.

Did you change your hair, LG?
Photo: @ladygaga Instagram

The other exciting element of this look from yesterday is, obviously, Gaga’s new wig. She hasn’t had her hair this voluminous in a while. Between the sequins, leopard print, and very ’80s ’do, we’re picking up on serious Designing Women vibes. Remember Gaga’s Beverly Hillbillies look? Maybe she’s watching a lot of classic TV on tour? What will be next? My guess is I Love Lucy–Gaga with red hair? Yes, please.

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