This Nail Art Will Make You 'Okay' After ‘The Fault In Our Stars’

Even if you haven't read or seen The Fault In Our Stars (yet!), you’ve undoubtedly heard the overwhelming consensus that it’s impossible to get through it without many, many tissues. But you know what's sure to cheer you up when you're sobbing your eyes out over the saddest teen love story of all time when it hits theaters tomorrow (other than Ansel Elgort's grin/personality/entire being)? Very, very rad nail art inspired by the story.

The Fault in Our Stars and nail art are both all over Tumblr and Instagram, so it only makes sense that the two have begun to overlap a bit. Two of the best things on the internet, together? Sign us up.

Fault In Our Stars, Nail Art

Photo: Via @emilytaggart21

Without giving away any spoilers, because you're obviously going to see the movie this weekend, the word "okay" is sort of Hazel and Augustus's way of saying a love you. Some people have a song? They have a word. Just go with it. This girl incorporates that and actual text from the book, resulting in a truly bonkers mani.

Fault In Our Stars, Nail Art

Photo: Via @twolittlefeet32

Seeing a theme here? This one has more "okay"s, but with the addition of some hearts (because it's a love story), flowers (because Gus bought some for Hazel that one time), and stars (because duh).

Fault In Our Stars, Nail Art

Photo: Via @naitonlson

Here we have cartoon faces of Hazel and Augustus, complete with Hazel’s cannula and Augustus’s signature cigarette (anyone who's seen the trailer knows he's not really a teen smoker, so if you're worried about the glamorization of smoking, don't be). This is what fandom looks like, y'all.

Fault In Our Stars, Nail Art

Photo: Via Beth's Nails Tumblr

Polka dots are super easy to recreate—basically Nail Art 101—though the *flawless* circles on this particular mani require a bit of skill. You got this.

Are you a huge, huge fan of the book but not a huge, huge fan of nail art? Try this one. The accent nail is discreetly inspired by the book cover, while the mirrored silver is a nod to the metallic collector's edition.

The perfect recreation of the book's logo, the insane details, and 3D look of the pinky infinity nail make this one of our faves. Even though there's basically no chance of copying it, because it's perfection.

Will you be making some Fault In Our Stars nail art before you see the movie this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!

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