Bow Down To Prince's Regal French Open Ensemble

Prince French Open

Prince at the French Tennis Open on June 2.
Photo: Getty Images

No one lives up to their name quite like Prince. The funk lord's outfits are always stage-ready even when he's just chillin' on the sidelines. Today at the French Open, Prince totally stole the show in his relaxed-yet-regal ensemble, which included a white turtleneck worn under an oversized navy jersey with matching flared trousers. (Also, please note the barely-there 'stache. Perfection.) But it's The Purple One's accessory of choice that we think really stole the show. And we're NOT talking about those mirrored aviator sunglasses.

Along with white platforms, Prince finished off his look with a diamond encrusted cane scepter. We're not sure if that bedazzled walking stick is for show or for an actual medical reason (he's had many hip replacements in his time), but either way, he's making us want to sport one ASAP.

Our favorite part about Prince's look, though, is his constant ability to make everyone else around him look like total garbage amidst His Royal Purpleness. On the left, he's transformed an ol' arena chair into a veritable throne. And on the right, he exudes poise and grace as he waves to commoners. His 'tude is always perfectly in-tune with his ensemble, and that's what makes Prince the satorial king.

Apparently tennis was happening somewhere nearby, but who can pay attention to that when Prince is gracing you with his presence. So, if there's one takeaway from this entire post, it's this: Being within three feet of Prince automatically transforms you into a peasant, and for that, we must eternally bow down to our style god. We are not worthy.

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