Four Trends Rihanna Is Rihsponsible For

In March it was announced that Rihanna would be the recipient of the CFDA 2014 Fashion Icon Award. The ceremony is tonight, and we figured, as we bide the hours left until we see what badgalriri shows up wearing, we'd take a look back at a few of the trends she has been RIHsponsible for. In an interview with the New York Times late last week, Mel Ottenberg, her stylist, remarked that he loves working with Rih so much because of her undeniable influence and ability to get people talking. We will never get tired of talking about Rihanna, TBH. Peep a few of our fave trends that we attribute to her below!


Rihanna, Jade Thirwell, Katy Perry

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When Rihanna Got Into It: November 2012.

When Others Got Into It: Spring 2013.

A Brief History: Rihanna debuted her matchy-matchy look almost two years ago on her 777 Tour, but the trend is still going strong in stores. These days practically every shirt seems to come with a matching bottom. This summer is going to be full o' sets, IMHO. As an early adopter of the trend, Katy Perry wore a matching crop top and skirt to the Kids Choice Awards in 2013, but she was still months behind her pal. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?


Rihanna, Kristen Stewart, Lauren Conrad

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When Rihanna Got Into It: March 2012.

When Others Got Into It: Fall 2012.

A Brief History: Denim on denim had a bad reputation since the '90s when everyone went a little overboard on wearing as much of the fabric as possible, but it has entered back into our wardrobes in recent years thanks in part to Rihanna. When she first stepped out in denim on denim on denim (yea, there's a denim bra underneath her shirt), it was a little jarring, but we've slowly come to embrace all that blue. J.Crew followed Rihanna's lead in their Fall 2012 catalog, pairing a chambray shirt with jeans and a denim jacket. These shirts have become a wardrobe staple of many (myself included) and I think we should give Rihanna props for introducing us. Thanks, Rih!


Rihanna, Beyonce, Liam Panye

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When Rihanna Got Into It: November 2012.

When Others Got Into It: Summer 2013.

A Brief History: Rihanna is, obviously, a fan of '90s #FAHSUN. She's been tying shirts around her waist since late 2012, while most people who followed suit only first got into it last summer. Rihanna even included the look in her Fall 2013 River Island collection. The trend has become popular for both sexes–Beyonce worked a tied flannel shirt into her performance wardrobe, while Liam Payne wore one to the 2013 VMAs, for example. Rihanna: bringing back trends perfect for both sexes since (at least) 2012.


Rihanna, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus

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When Rihanna Got Into It: April 2013.

When Others Got Into It: Summer 2013.

A Brief History: Rih is a sports fan–peeping her courtside is sometimes more fun than watching the games, TBH–and she shows her pride (for any team with good colors) by wearing their jerseys with nothing else. Can't let pants meddle in her affection, y'know? Style bloggers and ~starz~ alike have gotten in on the trend, wearing basketball and baseball jerseys with next to nada underneath. Some, like Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne go for oversized, while some, like Miley Cyrus, follow Rih's exact example and opt for as short as possible.

Maybe Rihanna will wear a jersey sans pants to the CDFA Awards tonight? She's gotta make a major statement–she's an ICON!

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