Miley Cyrus' New Performance Style, Lana Del Rey's Selfies, And More Topped Our Headlines This Week

So long, leotard.
Photo: Getty Images

• Miley Cyrus attended the World Music Awards and performed in—gasp!—a gown. Even leotards need a day off once in a while, y'know?

Lana Del Rey showed off her selfie skillz in Intro Magazine. LDR's selfies > my selfies. She has a natural talent, TBH.

Mariah Carey wore a Versace gown on the subway because, I mean, what else would Mimi wear on the subway? She looks like she's having a great time, which makes me suspect glamour is the key to a tolerable commute.

• Kristen Stewart upgraded her sneaker collection with a pair of Chanel kicks. These shoes are not appropriate for the gym. Like, at all.

• Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married on Saturday (yeah, that was this week) and we imagined what a commemorative plate would look like. It would feature Kanye lyrics, naturally.

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