Watch Iggy Azalea And RuPaul Bond Over Wigs

Elle Fanning

"Just two nobodies."
Photo: WOWPresents

Iggy Azalea and RuPaul, two of my imaginary best friends in life, hung out together (without me, sob!) for a brand-new edition of the reality star's web series "RuPaul Drives..." in which he, yes, drives around L.A. with all the people you'd ever want to trap into a car and fire questions at (John Waters, Susanne Bartch, Courtney Stodden—you know the type).

As they're cruising around looking like norms sans on-stage costumes ("just two nobodies," Iggy says), both lay eyes on a cool chick walking down the street. Iggy proclaims, "I love a girl who puts a wig on in the A.M." And then the conversation turns to her love of a good lace-front wig.

Though Iggy is rocking her natural ringlets here (which frankly do not get enough time in the spotlight, IMHO), she reveals that the signature waist-length strands she wears when she's performing aren't actually hers. At first she was all, "No, I can't wear a lace-front, OMG!" when her stylist suggested it. And now she loves 'em, probably because it keeps her IRL hair looking healthy and basically like a Disney Princess' on her days off.

She and Ru go deep in discussing wigs—highlighting their benefits, the work it takes to maintain them, and more. You can watch their full discussion below!


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