Of Course This Is What Mariah Carey Wears To Ride The Subway

Mariah Carey in her subway finest.
Photo: @mariahcarey Instagram

For most people, taking the subway is not very glamorous. You’re crammed in a narrow box with people who wear huge backpacks and DGAF that, like, three extra people could fit in the space of their bag. Yesterday, four other people and I were prevented from holding onto anything because a woman decided to rest her entire body against a pole at rush hour. In short: The subway is the worst.

Mariah Carey, on the other hand, obviously does not think it’s that bad. Maybe it’s because she treats it as a luxurious mode of transportation? The elusive chanteuse obviously enjoyed her time on the 1 train late last night, sharing photos from the event (only for Mariah Carey and tourists is riding the subway an event worthy of capturing on Instagram) and describing it as a “joyride” and her look as “#subwayincouture.” While normally I try to avoid being on the 1 train at 2 AM, I would’ve paid to be there for this. Like, way more than the typical subway fare.

Photo: @mariahcarey Instagram

Mariah was returning from the 2014 Fresh Air Fund Gala and—I guess?—decided that her blue Atelier Versace gown would look better against an orange subway seat than the leather interior of a limo. She accessorized with sunglasses and silver satin gloves, because what else would you accessorize with on the subway?

Mariah seems to be having a grand ol’time underground, so maybe the secret to making your ride tolerable is doing it while glammed up? My Monday morning commute is about to get real fancy.

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