Streetwear Meets Streeteats = Eatwear

Welcome to another edition of Food Friday. This week we were inspired by the newest collab between Miss Lily's, a Jamaican restaurant down in the Soho neighborhood of New York, and your '90s boyfriend's favorite surf brand Stüssy. A killer capsule collection to go along with my oxtail stew and rotis? I can't think of anything better. However, it did get us thinking what the results between some of our favorite streetwear lines and foods would be. We hope you like the fruits of our labor.



Source: Big Gay Ice Cream/ Art: MTV Style

Lazy Oaf is known for their bright cherry colors, and a penchant for playful prints loaded with pizza, pineapples and an assortment of sweets (including ice-cream) seems like an obvious combo for East Village favorite Big Gay Ice Cream. You know what else is obvious? A Lazy Oaf x Tyler the Creator combo. Did someone say threesome? Throw in a Salty Pimp (I'm serious, that's what it's called), and call it a day. Also highly recommended: the Cococone.



Source: Baohaus/A Bathing Ape/ Art: MTV Style

BAPE and Baohaus also seem like kind of a no-brainer as well. How so? Let me break it down. Not only is designer Nigo responsible for A Bathing Ape, but he's a producer (you might recognize his work with Pharrell) and DJ of the Japanese hiphop group Teriyaki Boyz. Eddie Haung is a noted hiphop fan, author and chef for another East Village mainstay, the Taiwanese fast food restaurant Baohaus. Did we mention that he's also got a television show coming out based on his autobio "Fresh Off the Boat"? These two dudes aren't strangers to wearing many hats, and being able to adapt and blend into any situation, which is why we thought a camouflage print made out of Haung's baos might not only be necessary, but appreciated.



Source: Taco Bell/ Art: MTV Style

Brian Lichtenberg makes cheeky faux fashion tees blurring the line between reality and the runway. Taco Bell is the keeper of my heart, and runs a pretty hilar twitter account. We think the two would be a match made in heaven.

I mean...

You can both thank me now. Now will someone slip me a waffle taco already?



Supreme/ Art: MTV Style

One's a burger chain that's only available on the West Coast and Southwest (what no love for Colorado and New Mexico, or that matter the rest of the US? or the world?). The other's a streetwear giant that has lines of sneakerheads and Hypebeasts lining up around the corner whenever there's a new clothing drop. Based on their exclusivity and scarcity of goods, we think this might be a bicoastal match made in heaven. Be sure to ask for your SupremexInNOut tee "Animal Style".



Source: Getty/Obey Clothing/ Art: MTV Style

Both Shepard Fairey (he of the Obey Giant and its spinoff clothing line) and Guy Fieri are polarizing figures both in and out of their fields. However, both have managed to ignore criticisms and comments made at their expense (haters gonna hate), and instead funneled that energy into mini-empires. So what do you say? Let's get crazy, and drive that bus on down to Flavortown. I'm sure Andre would agree. Bring your posse too.

So, what do you think? Agree with us? Disagree? Got some suggestions of your own. Let us know in the comments.

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