Katy Perry Announces Royal Revolution, A New Fragrance

Katy Perry

Royal Revolution, y'all.
Photo: Getty Images/@katyperry Images

It's time to start using your collection of Killer Queen very liberally, KatyCats 'cause Katy Perry has another fragrance heading your way. KP just announced the news on Instagram, posting a pic of the bottle and revealing the new fragrance's name–Royal Revolution. The scent, as you may have assumed from the bottle shape, is in the Killer Queen family, though it's the "sassy sapphire sister."

While Katy released a limited edition of Killer Queen Oh So Sheer earlier this year–a variation on the original scent–Royal Revolution seems to be a brand new fragrance. What makes it sassy, I wonder? What does sass smell like–snapped bubblegum? I have no idea, TBH, but I am very excited for this pleasant-smelling development. Katy promised Royal Revolution will be dropping soon, and considering how elaborate the campaign for Killer Queen was, we can't wait to see what's in store for this bad boy.

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