Elle Fanning Can’t Stop Dressing Like Sleeping Beauty

Real-life Disney Princess Elle Fanning might as well change her name to Aurora, since she’s slowly but surely morphing into her big-screen alter ego. Each time she’s set foot on the red carpet for Maleficent, she’s looked more and more like she just stepped out of a fairy tale. And it’s awesome.

Elle Fanning at the world premiere of Maleficent.
Photo: Getty/Disney

At last night’s worldwide premiere of the long-awaited live-action remake, Elle was giving maaaaajor Sleeping Beauty vibes in her majestic Elie Saab couture that just so happened to be the exact shade of blue her character wears to woo Prince Phillip. She even had the choker! The only thing she was missing was a real-life Prince Phillip. *SIGH* Where’s Brenton Thwaites when you need him?

Elle Fanning at the Late Show With David Letterman.
Photo: Getty/Disney

That wasn’t the first time she’s taken a page straight from Walt Disney. Last week, when she stopped by to charm David Letterman/the entire world or at least those who watched, she wore a corseted Vivienne Westwood ball gown that looks IDENTICAL to Aurora’s other signature dress: a corseted pink ball gown, designer unknown. Probably not Vivienne Westwood, but she’s a magic genius, so who knows?!

Is it too early to bet that Elle’s next red carpet look will be a tan full-skirted dress with a black corset? It’s very Rodarte.

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