Lana Del Rey Shares Selfies In ‘Intro’ Magazine

Lana Del Rey and her selfie on the cover of ’Intro.’
Photo: Intro Magazine

Considering #selfie was last year’s word of the year for Oxford Dictionary and every Instagram user on the planet, we’re not surprised to see that a magazine published an editorial spread consisting solely of smartphone portraits taken by its subject. But the fact that Lana Del Rey stars in that spread is not something we would have guessed. Over her three-year meteoric rise as Lana Del Rey, Lizzy Grant has positioned herself as the queen of all things vintage Americana. So, it’s pretty unexpected to see her through the lens of something as current as a selfie rather than a handheld grainy retro camera like the one used to shoot her “National Anthem” video. But the change of scenery—er, filter?—is suiting her well.

Lana Del Rey and her selfies for ’Intro.’
Photo: Intro Magazine

In the June issue of Intro Magazine, Lana Del Rey gives her best #iwokeuplikethis pose. Her beauty look is uber low-key, if not makeup free, with LDR wearing her hair down and straight. She pretty much nails the-girl-next-door look with an array of casual tees, a sweater, and baseball caps. Her accessory game is on-point with her heart and cross charm necklaces—which she wore a variety of before on the artwork for her breakthrough single “Video Games.” Honestly, kudos to Lana because not many people can withstand the selfie test of natural light. Even without a filter, she comes off looking like a total Betty.

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