We Found Kanye's Secret Sketchbook

So we've received scant information about the #worldsmosttalkedaboutwedding, which is only just a day away. I know this because it's saved on my Google Calendar. Sure, we've seen their shopping spree in Paris, but what does it mean? The West and Kardashian camps have been keeping everything under wraps, except for the location of their wedding (presumably at Belvedere Fort in Florence, unless that's another fake-out as well). Ayyyy Yeezy, how we gonna talk about if you don't give us some deets? Like Sway, we ain't got the answers! Until now, that is.

We here at MTV Style HQ have discovered pages from what we're assuming is Kanye's Secret Sketchbook. I mean, dude looks like the type of dude to own a moleskin right? Let's take a look!


Art: Kanye's Secret Sketchbook.

Right off the bat, you can see 'Ye debating between a couple of groom's looks. A suit and cape with black Timberlands? Bold move, and not entirely unexpected given his style oeuvre. There's also a close-up detail with Kanye highlighting exotic leathers like eel and ostrich for his lapels and tuxedo, which is a continuation of the his love of leathers from his first leather jacket down to his leather jogging pants. What's interesting is that this might've been sketched when Versailles was still the final destination of the wedding. Here's a sketch of Kanye dressed as a 16th-century French courtier with one can only assume are Freddy loafers and face-blocking shades. And as always, 'Ye is pushing envelopes and envelopes–who knows if the black hoods from his "Black Skinhead" performances will make an appearance or not.


Art: Kanye's Secret Sketchbook.

An ode to Kim. The gold bustier and wings are a reference to Selita Banks' turn in "Runaway." Unsurprisingly, Kim's best, ahem, assets are highlighted.


Art: Kanye's Secret Sketchbook.

Here are some handwritten notes to Kanye reminding himself to speak to Virgil Abloh, Kanye's style adviser and art director, about custom Pyrex hoodies for his groomsmen, and a note to thank another one of his longtime collaborators Takashi Murakami for the custom slippers that were gifted to the groom's party. How cute are those? [heart eyes emoji]


Art: Kanye's Secret Sketchbook.

Kanye's penchant for face masks makes an appearance for the first time (minus his musings about whether or not black hoods are wedding appropriate) on his bridesmaids. It appears that 'Ye is waffling between having Kim's bridal party appear as a ballerinas or in the same attire that clothed his backup dancers during the Yeezus tour. Either way, a Margiela-esque mask seems to be on the forefront of his brain. Also, Daft Punk helmets?! Let's hope that the French duo makes an appearance or at least DJ the after-party. #harderbetterfasterstronger


Art: Kanye's Secret Sketchbook.

This must be 'Ye's ape-sh*t page. We've got everything that you can possibly want at a Kimye wedding name checked. Givenchy lobster bibs? We got that. Versace place settings? We got that too. Little Nori dressed up as a cherub? Yep. Kanye even addresses the possibility of there being unattended water bottles at his reception, and how he is not about that lyfe. Kanye even proposes that HE walk down the aisle to Kim, while White Jesus officiates it. Is that the craziest idea that Kanye has for his wedding day? Probably not. My vote is that he has his guests ride a shuttle from the ceremony to the reception a la Michael Jackson's "Leave Me Alone." Not long till we see what really goes down: The wedding is coming.

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