How To Deal With Not Being Invited To Kimye’s Wedding: Buy A Bunch Of Kimye Merch

All Kimye everythang.
Photo: Product of Privilege/Etsy/Ssense/BBP/Ebay

Looks like our invite to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding must’ve, um, gotten lost in the mail. Bummer. Since we’re not heading to Europe to celebrate the #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTCOUPLE nuptials after all, we’ll have to cope the best way we know how: retail therapy, duh. So, we rounded up a bunch of merch that reminds us of our favorite duo—everything from Kim’s crying face to a Kanye-inspired Givenchy skirt (and knockoff hat for those less fortunate) to a Kimye portrait-of-the-future meme iPhone case. More this way, Kimye stans.

Yeah, sure, Ray J might have “hit it first,” but Kanye certainly will be hitting it last, and this T-shirt is a dang beautiful way to show it.

Speaking of “hitting it,” this pillow of Kim and Kanye is definitely the closest you’ll ever get to sleeping with either of them, so, yeah, enjoy that.

Not only did Kanye actually wear this knockoff Balmain Paris shirt while hangin’ with Kim in real life, but it also celebrates the (rumored!) location of the duo’s wedding: France. Two for one, dudes. Two. For. One. Wait, also “ball so hard” is a line in “N***** In Paris,” so it’s THREE! *adds to cart*

For some serious Kanye and Kim face time, these studs are definitely your best bet. Just think: Every time you look in the mirror, you’ll still a little Kimye staring back at you. Whether it’s very creepy or very cute is still up in the air.

OK, fine, this isn’t the official Yeezus merch, but this on-point replica of the shirt ’Ye wore himself is the ultimate Kimye must-have.

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