Kim And Kanye Are Hitting Almost Every Fashion House In Paris: What Does It All Mean?

As you know, the #WORLDSMOSTTALKEDABOUTWEDDING is approaching. But for all that’s being said about it, we know surprisingly little about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s upcoming marriage extravaganza. While rumors have been swirling, we can glean that wedding guests are meeting in Paris and then mayyyybe flying from there to Florence where the pair could marry at Fort Belvedere. On Friday, there will be a brunch hosted by Valentino and covered by Vogue then followed by a rehearsal dinner. The next day, Kimye will be officially wed. Everything else we can only guess, from the soundtrack—aside from rumored guest of honor Lana Del Rey—to the vows which *fingers crossed* will be answered with “uh-huh honey.” We’re more preoccupied with the clothing though because when Kanye’s involved, that’s the main attraction. So, we did some sleuthing based on the couple’s whereabouts in Paris this past week and deduced all of the possibilities. Let’s get into it.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Saint Laurent in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images

When: May 19, 2014
Where: 53 Avenue Montaigne
What it might mean for the wedding: Perhaps Kanye is trying to be “the bigger person” by extending a wedding invite to the fashion house’s head Hedi Slimane. Bonus points for Kanye if that invite comes without stipulation that Slimane can’t attend any other wedding this season. (After Slimane once told Kanye he could attend Saint Laurent’s show only if he didn’t attend any others that season, Kanye was inspired to write “I Am a God.”)


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Versace in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images

When: May 19, 2014
Where: 45 Avenue Montaigne
What it might mean for the wedding: Donatella Versace will probably be in attendance. The instinct here is to think that she’d be designing for the couple, their guests of honor, or even the place settings—Versace home is decadent like no other—but considering Kanye’s strict adherence to minimalism as of late, I’m going to rule that out since Versace’s aesthetic is all flash. More likely, they’ll be extending an invitation to Donatella to be their guest for this intimate weekend in reciprocation for her letting the Kardashian clan stay at her Miami home for a week this past March.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Celine in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images

When: May 19, 2014
Where: 24 Rue Francois 1er
What it might mean for the wedding: Celine will be providing some designs for the weekend. Since Kim has always favored the brand’s accessories, it’s more likely she’d wear those rather than the fashion house’s clothes throughout the weekend — especially since Phoebe Philo’s inspiration has been more maximalist as of late. E! however has the scoop on what Kim bought: two skirts and a paparazzi-shielding pair of sunglasses that’d be perfect for their honeymoon. But it’s possible that Kanye could be wearing her designs during their wedding weekend. He’s always been a fan of Philo’s aesthetic, championing it even though she doesn’t make menswear. Remember his blouse moment at Coachella?

When: May 19, 2014
Where: 213 Rue Saint Honoré
What it might mean for the wedding: Kanye is on high alert for germs, not wanting to get sick before his honeymoon. According to E!, Ye stocked up on hand sanitizers at the store while Kim bought a pair of flirty Sophia Webster heels to strut around in most likely post-wedding and some Diptyque candles to set the mood.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Balenciaga in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images

When: May 19, 2014
Where: 336 Rue Saint Honoré
What it might mean for the wedding: Kim has been a fan of Alexander Wang’s debut collection for Balenciaga, wearing his pointy pumps on multiple occasions. She’s yet to wear a full look from any of Wang x Balenciaga’s collections though which makes it semi-unlikely that she’ll wear their clothes during her big weekend. We’re betting instead on her wearing their shoes or even North wearing a pair—after all, she was greeted with a pair of bright blue sneakers by Balenciaga upon entering the world. Also, going to go out on a limb here and say that North will pair her Balenciaga kicks with an Alexander Wang dress—she already has one. But that might be my own wishful thinking.


Kim Kardashian and Olivier Rousteing in Paris.
Photo: @olivier_rousteing Instagram

When: May 19, 2014
Where: 44 Rue François 1er
What it might mean for the wedding: If Kim’s Vogue shoot was any indication, she’ll have multiple dresses for her big weekend. Based on the rumored invitation there will a rehearsal dinner the night before so she’ll need something fancy to wear to that. Plus, it wouldn’t be surprising if she wore more than one wedding dress on her big day and changed in between the ceremony and reception. Given that prediction, it seems highly likely that Balmain will contribute at least one outfit for the weekend. Kim has been spending time with the fashion house’s head Olivier Rousteing over the past few weeks as evidenced by her Instagram. Plus, this theory still leaves room for the other obvious contenders to supply outfits as well.


Kim Kardashian and North West at Givenchy in Paris.
Photo: Splash News

When: May 20, 2014
Where: 56 Rue François 1er
What it might mean for the wedding: Here’s an obvious choice for Kanye. Designer Riccardo Tisci has an undeniable history with Kanye (and Kim) from making the Watch the Throne artwork to the clothes Kanye wore on that tour to outfitting both Kanye and Kim in her unforgettable strangely alluring rose dress for the Met in 2013. At this point, it would be more surprising if Tisci didn’t dress Kanye for the occasion. Similarly, it would also make perfect sense for Tisci to outfit Ye’s rumored best man Jay Z for the occasion and even Beyonce who’s worn his designs to the Met now two years in a row, sported them on her Mrs. Carter World Tour, and wore them along with Jay in their recently-released Run video.


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Maison Martin Margiela in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images

When: May 21, 2014
Where: 23 Rue de Montpensier
What it might mean for the wedding: What could be more perfect than Kim wearing a veil crystal-encrusted mask by the fashion house for her big day? Maybe she and Kanye will don his and hers ones. Or, could the trip to the showroom be for North’s outfit? MMM has already gifted her with an appropriate option for the weekend in the past. Another, though, less likely option: MMM will recreate the wizard-like robe Kanye wore on his Yeezus tour in white for him to walk down the aisle in.


Valentino delivery to Kim and Kanye’s in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images

When: May 21, 2014
Where: 27 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
What it might mean for the wedding: If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video clip is worth a thousand clues. Ok, maybe just one but it’s a big one! Judging by the number of Valentino items being delivered, it seems highly likely that these are the bridesmaid dresses. Valentino isn’t exactly the most likely candidate for Kim’s dress—Balmain, Givenchy, and Lanvin have a running start, IMHO. But Valentino would be a great classic option for bridesmaid dresses and there appear to be enough of them here to outfit each of the Kardashian ladies and counting.


Lanvin delivery to Kim and Kanye’s in Paris.
Photo: @virgilabloh’s Instagram

When: May 22, 2014
Where: 22 Rue du Faubourg St Honoré
What it might mean for the wedding: Next to Givenchy and Balmain, Lanvin is the strongest contender for Kim’s ceremony dress. She wore it on the cover of Vogue and she wore it to the Met this year. Plus, Alber Elbaz’s designs are naturally suited for curvier women. Plus PLUS, this picture of a Lanvin crate being delivered to Kimye’s residence in Paris: What else could be inside? It’s the most securely packaged item we’ve seen go into their residence. One more point to Lanvin, Kanye was spotted arriving at their store today. Of course it’s tradition that the groom not see the bride’s gown until the ceremony but this is Kanye we’re talking about—do you really think he’d be able to keep his own #fashun sense away from this moment? It’s just a matter of days before we know for sure!


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at Haagen-Dazs in Paris.
Photo: Splash News

When: May 18, 2014
Where: 49 – 51 Avenue des Champs-Élysées
What it might mean for the wedding: Kanye might have a long list of dislikes: fashion’s elitism, Barney’s New York, Fendi, khaki cargo shorts, big a** striped scarves, hoodies with sport coats, off-brand workout sneakers—I could literally keep going all day—but one thing Kanye is known to love, aside from Kim and North of course, is his ice cream. He’s been spotted with the treat so many times that it’s become a full-on meme. So, seeing Kanye at Haagen-Dazs in Paris is par for the course, but could it also mean that the European ice cream purveyor is making their cake? I’m pretty sure that in Kanye’s dream wedding, the cake would be made of ice cream.