Nev Schulman Is A Rocawear Model (We’re Not Catfishing You)

Usually models aren’t supposed to teeth-smile, but we’ll make an exception.
Photo: Rocawear

Millions of people tune in to Catfish every week, partly to see naive, love-blind saps get their hearts broken by the internet, but mostly to see Nev Schulman. If Nev wasn’t an MTV star (represent!) or a certified expert on online dating or the official inventor of the verb “catfishing,” he would be a model. Those cheekbones! That grin! Those eyes! Well, now all is right in the world. In addition to all those things, Nev can add “model” to his list.

Way to work those skinny jeans, Nev.
Photo: Rocawear

Rocawear announced that Nev’s their new European ambassador, which is apparently a thing that they have. And while I don’t reside in Europe and therefore feel a little jealous about the whole thing because I won’t be able to see Nev’s blue-steel ads in magazines or on billboards or wherever it is that ads pop up these days, at least I—and you!—can enjoy these photos from the shoot.

Is his iPhone glued to his hand?
Photo: Rocawear

In my personal fave, Nev is posing with his iPhone, which is PERFECT, because I can pretend he just got off a call with Jay Z, co-founder of Rocawear and the person who almost definitely recruited Nev for the campaign. (Unconfirmed, but! You KNOW Jay and Bey kick back on Tuesday nights and watch Catfish and talk about how they’re soooooo relieved they found #truelove away from the internet. I mean, Rocnation fam Rihanna does. I bet they all really got a kick outta the Bow Wow episode.)

Here at MTV Style, we fully support Nev’s new modeling career. Just as long as he promises not to quit his day job…

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