Justin Bieber Test Drives New Hair At Cannes (On His Chin)

Bieber at Cannes
Photo: @justinbieber’s Instagram

There’s a big thing happening in France this week, and I’m not (just) talking about the Kimye wedding. It’s the week of Cannes Film Festival, the film world’s most glamorous series of premieres and presentations set in the south of France. The usual Hollywood suspects—Gosling, Pattinson, Lawrence—are all there, but there is one very unexpected participant in the Cannes festivities: Justin Bieber. And for the most part, it hasn’t even been the egg-hurtling, lip-biting Biebs we’ve seen so much of lately (more on “for the most part” in a bit). Cannes Bieber seems to be a little more suave, a little more debonaire, a little cleaner cut with his tailored separates and a slicked back David Beckham-reminiscent ’do.

Biebs in Cannes
Photo: @justinbieber’s Instagram

Sure, he looks a liiittle Gomez Addams-y with that teeny trash ’stache, but I’m willing to look past that because I’m really into the more grown-up/less-Johnny Bravo hair steez and the fact that the dude has discovered the polishing effects of buttoning the very top button. I mean—and I’m not, like, proud to say this or anything—I kept that red buffalo plaid Instagram open in a tab on my computer for at LEAST 24 hours. That is, until he posted that blue number.

Umm, what?
Photo: Getty Images

No, it’s not because I found a new favorite (TBH, the leather of that shirt looks v. stifling and not suitable for wearing ~in da club~). It’s because I got TOO close a look at the other new hair Biebs is rocking in Cannes: the hair on his face. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Photo: Getty Images

Ok. So, the “dirty ’stache” isn’t new; we’ve seen it (and his Invisalign braces) more than a few times before. At this point, I’m definitely not shocked to see the upper lip fringe back on Biebs’ face. New, though, are the patchy, sporadic hairs adorning his chin. Some forking out of his soul patch. Two patches curling out on either side of the chin. Even a few peeking out on his left cheek. It’s clear Bieber is not giving up on his pursuit of some version of facial hair any time soon. But if you’re worried J-Biebs is changing too quickly and you prefer the days of rampant inexplicable shirtlessness, don’t worry.

Ahhhh, normalcy.
Photo: Getty Images

Some things never change.

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