Karma And Amy Matched In Double Denim On Last Night’s ‘Faking It’

Amy and Karma on ’Faking It.’
Photo: MTV

On Faking It, Karma and Amy have been friends forever, but their personal styles are totally different—Karma is into boho feminine looks, while Amy prefers more casual and slightly masculine outfits. Despite their differing styles, the two ladies came together (in style) on last night’s episode. Maybe fake dating is having consequences beyond popularity? Based on the double denim both wore last night, it’s looking that way.

Karma maintained her ~flowy~ style with a denim moto jacket and paisley shirt. While last week we were admiring her crown braid, this week we’re really feeling both her and Amy’s loose waves. Normally we’re anti couples that match too heavily, but these two look so good that we forgive ’em. Amy, on the other hand, has on a white denim and gray hoodie combo—while it’s not overtly masculine, it’s definitely tougher-looking than Karma’s moto and paisely combo.

Amy and Karma on ’Faking It.’
Photo: MTV

I know it’s hard to focus on anything but that incredible croquembouche (I’m so hungry, y’all), but you’ll notice that both of these ladies wore denim on the bottom, too! Again, they each did it differently. Amy wore a distressed pair of jeans with white high-top sneakers while Karma went with black jeans and brown boots.

You can check out Karma and Amy’s matching looks, the croquembouche, and more in last night’s episode, which is conveniently located below!


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