Rita Ora Opens Up About Adidas Collab, Body Confidence, And Taking Fashion Risks

Rita Ora On Her Adidas Collaboration

Ritabots, rejoice! The Rita Ora x Adidas Originals collaboration has an official release date! Well, a few actually: August 21 for the 'Black' line; September 4 for the 'Pastel' and 'Colorblock Packs' lines, and November 1 for the 'Spray' and 'Roses' lines, according to WWD. We've been saving our pennies and refreshing our browsers feverishly for updates on when exactly to expect this great collision of minds since long before Adidas Originals' announcement of the collab in January, and finally sat her down to chat about what's to come.

Rita describes her forthcoming collab as full of designs "for women who want to be comfortable and sexy at the same time." Example? The sweetheart neckline, skintight jumpsuit she wore to meet us. "I just wanted to give all my fans a uniform to go out with and be like, 'This is the s***.'" And that she did. IDK about you, but I would feel fly as hell in that sheer panel tracksuit she wore the other day, and even though I have no idea what Rita's version of "a transparent rain jacket" might look like, I'm preeeeeetty sure it's badass. Rita opened up to us about not having any previous design experience but loving the collaborative design process and learning a TON from the experts at Adidas HQ. Does that mean more designing is in Rita's future? We'll let Rita's answer speak for itself here, but IMHO, I'm considering the idea not completely out of the question.

Rita Ora Talks Style

Of course, all aspects of Rita's style are interesting, new forays into design aside, so we couldn't just leave our conversation at Adidas. Lucky for you Ritabots, we picked her brain about how her aesthetic is evolving, body confidence, what's in store for a forthcoming tour (!!!!!!!), and some tips on what she's into this summer. ENJOY!

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