Pharrell Williams Not A Fan Of Throwing Shade, Designed A Lamp To (Literally) Prove It

pharrell williams lamp

Pharrell Williams and the lamp he designed for Kartell.
Photo: Getty Images/BBC Icecream

First off, hi! I'm back. Did you miss me? Did you even know I left? Probs not, but I'm writing for MTV Style again—this time from the West Coast. [Insert smug sunglasses emoji here.] But enough about that, let's get down to biz aka talking about Pharrell doing stuff—and by "stuff" I mean "designing lamps." Between creating a fragrance, collabbing with Adidas, and performing at awards shows, the N.E.R.D. frontman certainly wears many hats (heh). For his latest venture, Pharrell took on the world of furniture design by creating his own version of Ferruccio Laviani’s classic Bourgie table lamp. Italian furniture company Kartell invited Pharrell and 19 other designers (including Lenny Kravitz!) to re-imagine the iconic lamp on the 10th anniversary of its debut, and he totally killed it.

I will admit between the intense (and eerily real) human fist and word "shade" written all over the outside of the, um, actual shade, I'm seriously kicking myself for not listening during all those AP English symbolism lectures. What does it all mean? Well, according to Pharrell's blog, he said, "I used a human arm to represent the will of mankind in the daily plight of escaping the 'shade' and the challenges of attempting to get closer to enlightenment. Illumination was meant to vanquish the 'shade'. The light will forever prevail. Inward, onward, and upward." So, basically, Pharrell is very deep and leaves no room for interpretation because he's that good. *dusts hands off* Well, my job is done here, but if you want to see this bad boy IRL, check out Kartell's showroom on Greene Street in Soho—it'll be on display for the rest of the week!

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