Katy Perry Shows Off Unreleased Ashish x Topshop Light-Up Sneakers

Katy Perry

Katy Perry's swaggy Ashish x Topshop shuz.
Photo: @katyperry Instagram

In case you hadn't noticed, Katy Perry is very into lights these days. This new KP era is all about light—from performance outfits to her world tour name, Katy loves lights and the materials that reflect them. It should come as no surprise, then, that Katy is already wearing the light-up shoes from the latest Ashish x Topshop collaboration (which isn't even out yet *hair flip*).

The bad news for Katy is: She's going to have to add another suitcase to her Prismatic World Tour travel gear. The good news is: That's because all the pieces in this new collection—especially the light-up ones—are dope.

Katy Perry

Photo: @ashish_uk Instagram

The collection launches on May 29, but Ashish and Topshop have been previewing pieces on Instagram, including this LED light backpack. This bad boy allows you to carry the glow of a tanning bed with you wherever you go—what could be better? Your friends will be able to find you in the dark, and you'll be able to find your keys without a flashlight. It's the modern version of the plastic backpacks everyone had in the '90s, and I need it.

Katy Perry

No flashlight needed.
Photo: @ashish_uk Instagram

The collection is, of course, debuting at the beginning of the summer, so if platform sneakers that appear to weigh, like, 15 pounds don't appeal, you can cop a pair of slip-on SANDALS instead. They still feature the green LED lights, but are more appropriate for hanging out by the pool.

British Vogue has a preview of a number of the looks from the collection, including slogan towels, bathing suits, and more. Check 'em out and then join us in imagining how light-up sneakers are going to look with everything you own.

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