Jay Z And Beyonce Or Kim And Kanye: Who Wore His And Hers Masks Best?

Jay Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

The couple that conceals their faces together stays together.
Photo: Life + Times/Getty Images

Right on the heels of Jay Z and Beyonce releasing "Run," photos of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were snapped before heading to the gym for a pre-wedding workout. Kimye were caught wearing matching bandanas, in addition to a decidedly lowkey outfit for Ye: a gray hooded sweatshirt, cropped sweatpants, tights, and Nikes. Kim, was also wearing tights + a hoodie and a swagged-out leather "Yeezy" jacket. It appears that remaining inconspicuous was not a chief concern. One can only assume they were listening to Ye's "The New Workout Plan."

Meanwhile, hip-hop's premier royal couple stepped out in matching balaclavas in their never-to-be-released film "Run." She with a white blazer, lacy bra top, and trousers; he in a white crewneck tee, blazer, and pants.

So, who wore it better? I'm naturally inclined to give Kanye the win in almost everything because I think he's amazing, a provocateur that we not only need but deserve at this moment. But personal bias aside, the Carters might just have this. Have Jay and Beyonce ever had a bad week? They came out of last week's PR nightmare with nary any dirt to brush off their shoulders.

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