Print Your Favorite Instagram Snaps On Adidas Sneakers

We get it: You really, really love Instagram. GREAT NEWS, GUYS. Now you can declare said love by wearing it on your sleeve printing it on your sneakers. In August, the brand is launching an app that'll let you upload snapshots from everybody's (well, everybody except for Rihanna's) favorite photo-sharing site, then stamp them on a snazzy new pair of Adidas ZX Flux kicks. Technology is amazing! The future is now! SHOES ARE AWESOME!

To celebrate, we dug up our favorite Instagram snaps that we look forward to wearing on our feet come August when the Mi Adidas photo print app hits iPhone and Android.



Photo: @badgirlriri Instagram

This is the greatest Instagram photo of all time. No, it's not a picture of eggs Benedict from an amazing brunch someone had, or a sunset that someone once saw, but a drawing. A drawing from Rihanna's now defunct Instagram account (*pouring one out for you, bb*). This picture will be perfect on my Adidas kicks for a number of reasons: (1) It will remind me of the greatest Instagram that ever was; (2) it will make for a simple shoe, and (3) I will be walking around with this stick figure that DGAF on my feet.


The 1975

The 1975 goes to Brooklyn.
Photo: @trumanblack Instagram

My love for the 1975 runs deep. I'm, duh, super into their music, but I also love their whole aesthetic—the Rick Owens wardrobes, the swigging-wine-on-the-stage performances, and the enduring black-and-white color palette. Other things I love with my whole heart: Brooklyn and skyline sunsets. So this photo of a skyline sunset in Brooklyn, snapped by the 1975's frontman Matty Healy, is basically everything I ever loved in one perfect little #nofilter photo (JK, I don't think those squiggles occur in nature...but I don't care one bit).



"Don't say there's nothing to do in the doldrums"
Photo: @nateturbow Instagram

Nate Turbow's a NY-based cartoonist who never fails to make me chuckle. His work is filled with a special type of misanthropy that's a product of contempt for others and oneself, which is then rounded out by cartoon boobs, drugs, and self-insertions into other forms of media. This particular cartoon that I've selected illustrates perfectly how I feel on Monday mornings (or any morning to be honest): horrible. I'm not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination (I am the night), and on the weekends there's a good chance that I'm probably hungover from having a nightcap from the evening before. So, I get this. There's also a slight nod to The Phantom Tollbooth, an amazing children's book and semi-forgettable animated/live-action feature that was later produced by Chuck Jones, which the author himself hated. Ain't that the way? For those of you aren't familiar, Milo the protagonist, gets stuck in The Doldrums: a colorless place where one doesn't smile or think and just sort of settles into malaise of nothingness. The Doldrums haunted me as a kid with its understated menace, and now I just think they make for a graphically interesting sneaker. Progress.



Little Leo and the Loo.
Photo: @mydaywithleo Instagram

Listen, if I'm being honest with you, I'm not exactly sure how this photo is going to look on a shoe. But also, I don't really care. I mean, look at this thing! (Sidebar: If you don't know about MyDayWithLeo, I'm giving you a free pass to just stop reading here—you were almost done anyway—and averting your attention to an endless K-hole into that account because it's GENIUS.) This isn't just a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio, arguably one of the greatest child-star-turned-teen-heart-throb-turned-serious-actor transformations of all time. (Probably the best since that's very specific, and I can't think of any others.) This is a pic of young Leo circa Growing Pains that has been physically cut out into a paper doll-like object and photographed AGAIN to give the viewer the illusion that he's perched on the mouth of a toilet (seat up), dipping his toes in the water. Wearing this Instagram on my shoe would sum me up perfectly: I'm still in love with Leonardo DiCaprio, I unabashedly enjoy potty humor, and I don't think things all the way through (again, how this would actually manifest on said shoe is very questionable).

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