Robert Pattinson Shows Off His Father Figure

Robert Pattinson

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Robert Pattison is currently in Cannes promoting his TWO new films: The Rover and Maps to the Stars. The Cronenberg film isn't the first time that Pattinson has teamed up with the Canadian director—their first collaboration was on 2012's Cosmopolis. However, it's his wardrobe that has been garnering more attention, at least here in MTV Style HQ. It's one thing to see your teen idols age (sorry guys, it happens) but to see them go full-on DAD is a little scary. Yet there's something about R-Patz's new looks that seems oddly familiar.

That’s when it hit me, we’ve seen this before. That white undershirt is a clear “Dad” tell.


Photo: Getty/Suburgatory's Facebook page.

Robert Pattinson is clearly taking style cues from TV days of today and yesteryear. A T-shirt artfully layered under a plaid button-up and leather jacket? That's right in former-city-slicker-turned-cool-suburban-dad George Altman's wheelhouse.


Photos: Getty/AMC, Season 4 of Mad Men.

And that's not his only paternal Cannes look. An unbuttoned polo underneath an eye-catching blazer? Don Draper on vacation, obvi. Don't get me started on those American Eagle khakis he was wearing earlier (I DIE).

Let’s hope that Pattison shies away from these dad looks and moves back into the suit-and-tie numbers that we’ve grown accustomed to on the red carpet. We’re not saying you have to be suited and booted at all times, but there’s a time and place, and we’d rather you take your style inspiration from Neil Patrick Harris’ Barney Stinson than Danny Tanner.

At the very least, it’ll showcase your father figure better.

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