5 Seconds Of Summer Really, Really Loves Cutoff Shirts

5 Seconds of Summer at the Billboard Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

The Billboard Music Awards marked 5 Seconds of Summer’s first-ever televised performance in the U.S. (Translation: Us Americans are soon going to be just as obsessed as their fellow Aussies already are.) So, yeah, tonight was a pretty major milestone for the about-to-be-HUGE boy band, and making a big first impression calls for pulling out all the stops, style-wise. Taking a cue from boy bands past, the dudes hit the stage wearing something we’ve never seen on them before—matching outfits. This was no all-white-everything suit situation like Backstreet Boys’ heyday, nor was it anything like One Direction’s color-coordinated pocket squares, because 5SOS aren’t your average boy band.

Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford at the Billboard Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Instead, while everyone else was wearing fancy dresses or dapper suits (did you see Michael Jackson’s shiny gold jacket?!), they all opted, awesomely, for cutoff shirts. Maybe because it’s hot up there in the spotlight? Or because their muscles have gotten too big from shredding on their electric guitars? Or because cutoff sleeves are the widely accepted symbol for “edgy yet charming boy band teen girls will soon be fainting over/making fan Tumblrs about/sending death threats to the girlfriends of.” Or are they simply abiding by the seasonal motto: Sun’s out, guns out?

Seeing “She Looks So Perfect” IRL was almost as awesome as Michael’s cutoff flannel that undoubtedly lived a previous life on the set of Larry the Cable Guy, and despite being almost-kinda-basically introduced as One Direction by Harry Styles’ ex-GF, 5SOS couldn’t have made a better U.S. debut.

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