Rihanna Raided Nicki Minaj's Wig Collection


One of Nicki's wigs?
Photo: Rihanna's Twitter

There was a a joyous time in our lives when Rihanna changed her hair practically every day. There was even a time when we wondered if she got a hair cut in between fashion shows at Paris Fashion Week. It's been a while, though, since she's changed hair color. She's had it black since last summer, but it looks like summer 2014 is going to be full of colorful hair, thanks to Nicki Minaj. Last night RiRi attended game six of the NBA playoffs in a pink pixie wig.

She debuted the looks on Twitter, which just, TBH, isn't the same as Instagram. Sure, we still got a preview of what Rihanna was wearing before the rest of her non-followers, but it was just different. There was no filter. No caption that made me LOL for days. Bring your Instagram back, Rihanna, I beg of you. Please.


Missing anything, Nicki/?
Photo: Rihanna's Twitter/Cash Money Records

As someone who considers herself a relative expert in all things Rihanna, I am 99% sure she has never had pink hair before–the color was more up pal Nicki Minaj's alley. As we all know now, though, Nicki is going for a more subdued look these days. She still has a closet full o' wigs, though, I'm sure, and she kindly let Rihanna raid it. Rihanna revealed in the accompanying tweet/makeshift caption that she and Melissa Forde had "raided Nicki's wig closet for the summer." This bad boy must've been way in the back of the closet, because it appears to be one of the numerous wigs Nicki wore in the video for "Fly" with Rihanna back in 2011. It may have gotten a little trim, but its essence is, IMHO, the same.


Maybe next week?
Photos: Getty Images/Photoshop: Maeve Keirans

If "bad gals just wanna have fun," as Rihanna claims, I have a wig suggestion for her. Nothing says fun like a multicolor updo. Nicki surely still has this one in her collection, right?

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