You Can Now Buy Drake's OVO Tour Merch Online


Cop Drake's on stage steez.
Photos: Getty Images/October's Very Own

Since he first rolled out merchandise for his record label and blog October’s Very Own, Drake has been rapidly expanding the webstore’s offerings, rolling out more fashion-y merch on the regular. Good news: Drizzy's just refreshed the stock again to include an OVO-emblazoned assortment of hoodies, snapbacks, and tees that were previously only sold on tour.

If you paid attention to Drake’s wardrobe during last year’s Would You Like A Tour?—not including the custom clothes created by Calvin Klein—you may have noticed a black T-shirt with a very Beauty and the Beast-esque rose on it. And if you thought to yourself, “I wish I had one,” you’re in luck, because it’s finally up for grabs.


Which side are you on?
Photos: October's Very Own

Another one of the new items we’ve seen before is the West End and East End snapback which Drake teased on Instagram back in January, now retailing for $40 a piece. The graphics, which represent Toronto’s two sides, also come stamped on hoodies priced at a cool $135. PRO TIP: If you're not from Toronto, or if your town/city/village doesn't have sides, just get whichever direction your prefer. Problem solved.

But the real crown jewel of OVO’s webstore, IMHO, has to be the varsity jacket from Roots. While when it first debuted, opportunities to buy it seemed grim (in store in Toronto only, natch), you can easily order it now—that is, if you have an extra $458 lying around.

You can check out all the new merch here.

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