Nicki Minaj Continues To Look Like The Barb Next Door

Nicki Minaj

"Can Young Money borrow a cup of sugar?"
Photos: nickiminaj's Instagram

So Nicki Minaj just posted a series of selfies on Instagram, where she looks fresh-faced and all natural on set with the abbrev "WYD"? What we doing, Nicki? Well, we been speculating. Our girl has been rocking the red carpet circuit with a succession of looks that are subtle, chic, and sophisticated. Instead of the cartoonish couture of yesteryear, Minaj has been wearing her natural hair instead of wigs and toned down makeup. This might be a response to her becoming a bonafide mainstream movie star, or maybe reflecting a profound sense of maturity that comes with the sense of her junior release, currently titled The Pink Print. Nicki's returning back to her hip-hop roots both musically and visually, and if her "Lookin' Ass" video is anything to go by, this might be a continuation of that.

What this low-key look is for, we still don't know. Minaj revealed in the caption of one of the photos that she's shooting a video, but that's it. That's it and we need more. I wish she'd just give me the deetz and, more important, drop a new video into my life. But if that can't happen, maybe she'd tell me where she got those clear-heeled wedges she posted two days so I can cop a pair for myself. Those are most certainly not low-key.


"Who knew Nicki watched OITNB?"
Photo: Nicki Minaj's Instagram

In the meantime, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping that she's shooting the video for the highly-anticipated "Yasss Bish." Is it too much to ask for an Orange Is the New Black cast cameo, too?

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