Celebrities Should Probably Stop Wearing Fake Watches

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame and his fake Hublot. Whomp.
Photo: @fakewatchbusta

It's a big fat misconception that famous people get everything for free. I mean, sure, they're not paying for those fancy dresses you see them wearing on the red carpet, and they're not exactly forking over cold hard cash for the million-dollar very-rare luxury purses on their arms, but it's not like they can walk into a store and walk out with a whole new wardrobe because they have an official membership card to, like, HOLLYWOOD.

Being a famous person–especially a blinged-out one–can get pretty expensive. Or so we hear. Perhaps our desire to be part of the #LUXELIFE is why we're so appreciative of this new Instagram acouunt that calls out celebrities wearing fake watches. I mean, you can't help feeling a little smug knowing that even Rick Ross wears knockoff watches. After scanning the account for a few minutes, you may even feel bad for Rozay, because, y'know, you can't help feeling really guilty about knowing his secret. It's a lot of feels.

FakeWatchBusta, a self-described "Horological Batman," scours music videos, paparazzi shots, and instagram snaps in rappers and celebrities and brilliantly calls them out on their faux Rolexes and lookalike Audemars Piguets. Some, he says, got played by jewelers, which, obviously, sucks. Others, though, are trying to fool the public and will go to extraordinary lengths, like posting pictures from inside watch stores. They go so far as to pretend they're there and even thank the sales associate. Why, you guys? Why?

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy and Floyd Mayweather and their watches.
Photo: @fakewatchbusta

It's not an easy job, but somebody's gotta do it. Vice did an interview with the dude behind the account, and he revealed, "I mean Soulja Boy’s watch is a bad Audemars Piguet quartz fake and the battery has run out so it shows the same time in all his pictures. It’s 10:25 all day, every day. It’s pretty funny." It's also something we'll never stop looking for in pictures now. Thanks, fakewatchbusta!

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