Lady Gaga DGAF About The Weather

Lady Gaga

What season is it? It doesn't matter!
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In this day and age, it is very easy to check the weather. There are myriad options, from Weather Puppy, an app that provides a picture of a puppy along with the temperature, to your run-of-the-mill Weather Channel app. If you're old-fashioned, you can look out the window. If you're famous, you can ask your assistant/hair stylist/makeup artist/chef/millions of Twitter followers what it's like outside. Considering all the constantly updated weather information out there, I am baffled by the outfit Lady Gaga wore yesterday. TRULY BAFFLED.

Obviously, it's not out of the ordinary for Lady Gaga to wear an, um, unusual outfit. We've seen her carry a claw, wear white powder all over her body, and dress in an outfit made from coffee filters. We've even seen her wear another iteration of this plaid shirt/no pants outfit before (a few times, actually). My issue, however, is not with her lack of pants, but with the fact that she wore tights on a day that it was 75 degrees in New York. Tights weather is officially over, Gaga—embrace it!

Considering her ability to wear an outfit made entirely from fishnets in the middle of winter, Gaga must not get ~cold~ like most people. Why then, on a day when it was almost 80 degrees, was she not only wearing tights yesterday, but a knit beanie? Why does she not check the weather before she leaves her apartment? Was it that her hat finally arrived, months after she ordered it, and she promised herself she'd show it off the second she could, no matter the temperature? Will 2014 be the year Gaga wears tights in the winter? Well, at least we now know she owns at least one pair that isn't totally ripped.

Of course, Gaga isn't the only celebrity to dress totally inappropriately for the weather. Don't even get me started on Taylor Swift, OK?

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