Elle Fanning Looks Like A Disney Princess On The Cover Of ‘Fashion’ Magazine

Elle Fanning on the cover of ’Fashion.’
Photo: Fashion Magazine

With Maleficent hitting theaters in just a few weeks, Elle Fanning is about to be LITERALLY EVERYWHERE. But we couldn’t possibly be more thrilled about it, because not only is Elle poised and smart and knows how to wear Rodarte, but she might actually be a Disney princess IRL.

There’s no question as to why she was cast as Sleeping Beauty. Between her fair skin and gorgeous white-blonde hair that looks like it was spun by a fairy godmother, we’d believe you if you told us she was half human girl, half Walt Disney-drawn heroine. And she’s never looked more like she just stepped off the screen of an animated movie than on her new cover of Fashion magazine. Wearing a flower-festooned pink dress that was made by Claes Iversen and, undoubtedly, magic, she basically looks like Aurora personified.

Elle Fanning in ’Fashion.’
Photo: Fashion Magazine

You’re going to feel really envious about things, because the dress is “price upon request,” which translates to “in your wildest dreams,” while the other thing she wears—just as pretty and princess-y—is designed by Delpozo and costs a cool $14K.

But blind jealousy aside, she told the magazine a bunch of wise and enlightening things that’ll make you want to be her BFF all over again, like that she was nervous to meet her Maleficent costar Angelina Jolie because “she’s like the queen,” and that one of her most prized possessions is a Ryan Gosling coloring book. Besides, she’s so sweet, she’d probably let you borrow her dresses anyway.

You can read a chunk of the interview on Fashion’s website, or pick up the issue on newsstands starting May 19.

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