Katy Perry’s Hair Is No Longer ‘Slime Green’

Katy Perry and her new green shade in London.
Photo: Getty Images

If you’ve ever dyed your hair an ~unnatural~ color, you know the challenge that comes with trying to maintain vibrancy. Katy Perry, it seems, has decided not to fight the inevitable, but embrace it—at least in her life off-stage. As you probably know, before her Prismatic World Tour kicked off, Katy dyed her hair “slime green.” Her hair was bright at various events—even at Coachella—but it seems that Katy, like any plebe, has given up on keeping it florescent. It simply requires too much work if you’re into showering more than, like, once a week, TBH. For her performances, though, Katy has found the perfect way to keep it as bright as ever.

Katy Perry performing in Belfast.
Photo: Getty Images

With a wig, duh! Unlike a plebe, Katy has a wig that almost identically matches her original green shade. It’s even cut into the same bob with bangs she has IRL. You know what never fades? Synthetic hair #blessed. This isn’t, of course, the only wig Katy has on tour—for when she’s not feeling green hair, she has a two-tone bob, a long black ponytail, and more. So many more.

Whether Katy will led her hair fade entirely or refresh the color remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: If you want colorful hair for the rest of your life, you better invest in a wig.

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