Karlie Kloss and Selena Gomez Match In Monochrome Lanvin At American Ballet Theatre Gala

Karlie Kloss, Selena Gomez

Karlie Kloss and Selena Gomez at the American Ballet Theatre Opening Night Spring Gala.
Photo: Getty Images

Selena Gomez is best friends with Taylor Swift, and Karlie Kloss is best friends with Taylor Swift (girl obviously has a lotta best friends), but last night, it seemed as though tangential best friends Selena and Karlie got ready together—y'know, like best friends do—before the American Ballet Theatre Gala in New York City.

You know when you go somewhere fancy and you have no idea what to wear so you make sure all your pals are wearing something similar, just in case? That way even if you're not dressed quite right, you're all not dressed quite right? It was probably exactly like that. We think.

I mean, how else could you explain why both girls showed up in super chic, just-above-the-knee, black-and-white Lanvin dresses? Both girls wore 'em with classic pointed-toe stiletto pumps and both finished off their looks with barely-there makeup. Coincidence? No way.

Sure, Selena's was a black strapless number with white bows up the side, and Karlie's was a black-skirted, white-haltered frock, but as far as color palettes and general glamness go? Totally twins. Maybe they got ready together at Taylor's? We can picture it.

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