Demi Lovato's Pink Hair Is Back In New 'Neon Lights' Video

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato performing 'Neon Lights.'
Photo: Hollywood Records

Demi Lovato is celebrating the #Demiversary (one year anniversary, natch) of the release of her last album, Demi, and has big plans for the next month, including new videos and live performances. She just released footage of her Neon Lights Tour in the form of a performance of "Neon Lights," in which we get to see some of her tour wardrobe and, most important, IMHO, how her pink hair looked up on stage. Guess what? No surprise—it looked incredible.

The video was obviously shot towards the end of the tour—Demi has her half-shaved scalp—and between her hair color, style, and embellished coat, she looks pretty tough up there. She also has leather leggings on, which just, like, knocks the entire look out of the park.

The concert footage release was just the first of several #Demiversary plans, including new songs on Spotify (today!), the release of a lyric video for "Really Don't Care" (tomorrow!), and a performance on Good Morning America (June 6!). Considering all her upcoming appearances (and the fact that she's been a brunette for over a month), we're hoping Demi debuts a new hair color soon. Purple, maybe?


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