Rihanna Is Bringing Back The Bucket Hat (Again)


Rihanna at the 2014 NBA playoffs on May 9, 2014
Photo: Getty

Last night, former Instagram provocateur and #1 basketball fan Rihanna snagged a coveted courtside seat at the Nets vs. Heat game in Brooklyn to support her pal LeBron. "Nothing better than watching the KING live!!!!," she tweeted, though it was Rih who looked like royalty perched in the front row decked out in an embroidered Bernhard Willhelm track jacket and matching running shorts, which can be yours for a little under two grand (yeah, ugh, but bright side: It's easier to get your hands on a glorified sweatsuit that costs a few thou than courtside tickets to an NBA playoff game...) The Heat triumphed, undoubtedly because they had Rihanna rooting for them, but the real winner of the night was her floral Joyrich bucket hat.

This isn't the first time we've seen her rock the '90s throwback that's been a recent fave of rappers (including maybe-boyfriend Drake). Last summer, she was super into a camo chapeau topped with a fancy cameo (because Rihanna's classy like that), and then last month, she posed for a magazine cover wearing a denim bucket hat and literally nothing else (OK, FINE, except for bikini bottoms, but still srsly NSFW).


Rihanna just chillin.
Photo: Mario Sorrenti/Lui Magazine

But last night's bucket hat is the first one that might actually make you consider copping one. Not that you should. Approximately .01% of the world's population can pull off a bucket hat, and that includes Rihanna and Schoolboy Q (because, DUH) and maaaaybe Justin Bieber (I'm sort of saying that because I don't want him to call me out on Twitter like Seth Rogen, but it's worth pointing out that he did pull off the bucket hat better than those drop-crotch cut-off sweats he was also wearing).

But who knows? Maybe you can too. Between dollar signs and gold-chain trim, this floral version will definitely make you want to try.

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