Nicole Byer's Beyonce Nail Art Is Our Favorite Part Of The New 'Fast Food Heights' Trailer

Nicole Beyer, Fast Food Heights, Beyonce

Yes please to Beyonce nail art.
Photo: @nicolebyer Instagram

Three things we're very into around these parts are nail art, Beyonce, and MTV Other, which is our main source for short shows that we share with all our friends so they think we're cool and funny (I guess it helps that we're naturally both those things *hair flip*). The trailer for the second season of Fast Food Heights just dropped, and we are so excited. Fueling our excitement? BEYONCE NAIL ART.

Nicole Beyer, Fast Food Heights, Beyonce

GIF: MTVother

In the video, Latisha (played by the side-splittingly hilarious Nicole Byer) shows off her new manicure. It's not just, like, some dinky decals she pressed onto her nails. Nope, it's the evolution of Beyonce. On her nails. She gets to take tiny pictures of Beyonce with her wherever she goes! #JEALZ

Nicole shared a closer look at the art on Instagram, and it's even better than we imagined. There's the pic from Beyonce's GQ cover, one from Destiny's Child's "Independent Women" video, and more.

Beyonce nail art plus the most LOLs is why we'll be watching Fast Food Heights when it premieres on MTV Other on May 14. Get here faster, Wednesday—I need to see those nails in motion.


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