Your 5 Seconds Of Summer Style Primer

5 Seconds of Summer, 5 SOS

5 Seconds of Summer just bein' awesome.
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By now, unless you're the kind of person who hates music (what's WRONG with you?) or has no internet connection (which would be impossible, since you're reading these very important words right now), you've heard of 5 Seconds of Summer. You've probably listened to their debut single that's about, among other things, American Apparel underwear, and watched their music video (which shows a bunch of people in their, yes, underwear), and read a bunch of stuff comparing them to One Direction, who they'll be touring with later this summer (and who, it should be mentioned, they've danced in their underwear with).

Skivvies aside, 5SOS—as their most dedicated fans and also lazy typers call them—are an exceptionally stylish boy band. They're like a punkier, less-polished One Direction, which is also kinda what their music is like.

Because you're going to be seeing a whole lotta them over the next few months, between a world tour, a possible song of the summer, and what looks to be a BFD Rolling Stone shoot, we're taking it upon ourselves to make sure you're well-versed in the personal styles—and personalities—of the Aussie foursome. If nothing else, your tween cousin will be impressed.


Luke Hemmings, 5 SOS

Luke giving off maj lead singer vibes.
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The 17-year-old frontman appears to own one single pair of shoes—beat-up black Vans—which he wears to perform in front of thousands of screaming girls, walk fancy red carpets, and humbly strum his guitar in his bedroom. Something of a minimalist, he may very well only own one pair of pants too, but they're super-skinny black jeans with shredded knees that would make Harry Styles jealous. ALSO! He's rarely seen without his pendant necklace that's undoubtedly symbolic of something deep and meaningful, and he wears a lip ring, indicating that he's the edgiest, OBV.


Ashton Irwin, 5 SOS

Ashton and his smile take the street.
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As the drummer, Ashton spends much of his time behind his kit, which is a shame, because, well, just look at him (and at 19, he's the oldest, so that's a perfectly fine and totally not creepy thing to say, OK?). The whole band is very into vintage (or, y'know, "vintage") band tees with the sleeves cut off, all the better to show of their hard-won muscles achieved either from intense guitar shredding or from pushing away screaming fangirls, or possibly both. Ashton in particular is very dedicated to this look. He often accessorizes with a flannel tied around his waist, and also a very pronounced, very adorable dimple—the best kind of accessory.


Calum Hood, 5 SOS

The band's token brooder.
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You know when you see a guy, and you can tell he just has it? Calum Hood has it. It meaning, I dunno, tattoos? Some really soft-looking, worn-in flannel shirts that I'd like to steal, but only if they come straight from his closet/suitcase/body? The ability to roll up his sleeves in such a perfect way that only people that have it can do? Everyone knows the word "swagger" is lame and dumb and silly, but if it wasn't so irrelevant in 2014, it would be very relevant to Calum.


Michael Clifford, 5 SOS

That hair!
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Remember before Zayn Malik was Zayn Malik he was just the dude in One Direction with the ice-cream cone hair? Michael Clifford is the 5SOS equivalent of that. Sometimes his spikes are fuchsia, and sometimes they're turquoise, and sometimes they're zebra-striped, but they're always magnificent in a very '90s emo throwback kind of way. And, actually, so is his style. He has a very enviable collection of old Metallica tees, black hoodies, and Doc Marten eight-eye lace-up boots. All he's really missing is the black nail polish. Only a matter of time.

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