Beyonce Reveals Original Design Of Her Givenchy Met Gala Dress


Beyonce at the Met Gala and Riccardo Tisci's sketch.
Photo: Getty Images/

The 2014 Met Gala might have been days ago, but the world is STILL talking about Beyonce's red carpet appearance—and not just because Jay Z pretended to propose to her. Her ultra-glamorous getup, consisting of a Givenchy dress and birdcage veil, was easily one of the evening's best couture displays. And judging by the designer sketch Beyonce posted on her website, the ensemble was stunning from the very start.


Beyonce at the Met Gala and Diana Ross in 1977.
Photos: Getty Images/

According to the site, Riccardo Tisci drew inspiration from the disco era—namely "Diana Ross' 1970s glam." Although the actual dress wasn't quite as sparkly as the OG design, we can still totally see the disco influence play out. It becomes even MORE obvious when you check out pics of Diana Ross during the '70s.

Free advice: Listen to "Love Hangover" for the rest of the day now.

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