Create The Makeup Of Your Dreams With This Brilliant 3D Printer

Grace Choi, Mink

Grace Choi, founder of the Mink 3D makeup printer
Photo: Techcrunch

Say it's Monday morning. You wake up late, and you look like you haven't slept in five days, even though you literally just opened your eyes. You grab some clothes from your floor (I won't tell) and reach for your favorite tube of lipstick, because you know it'll solve all your problems/brighten up your face and life/make you look like you are a real, living, breathing human despite the way you feel. But your lipstick is nowhere to be found. Disappeared. Vanished.

BUT IT'S FINE, NP, WHATEV, because you can just whip up another tube of your favorite lipstick. Just march right over to your 3D makeup printer—a real thing that exists!—and et voila. All the lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow you could ever want, made a reality because THE FUTURE IS NOW. And the future you is wearing green sparkly eyeshadow. Or bright purple lipgloss. Or perhaps neon pink blush is more your thing? If you can dream it, you can do it. At least as far as makeup goes...we can't promise anything else.

Grace Choi, Mink

The Mink 3D makeup printer software in action.
Photo: Techcrunch

So, how do you get your hands on this miracle-maker? The Mink machine—thought up by cool chick Grace Choi—was presented at this week's TechCrunch Disrupt. Granted, you can't buy one, like, tomorrow, but soon it can be yours for $300 which is basically nothing when you calculate how much you already spend on cosmetics every year. Or week. Or month. Point is: you spend a lot of money on makeup. A LOT.

Behold, the awesomeness of the demonstration below. (And be sure to watch the whole thing! It's all pretty mindblowingly cool, but the best part is about five minutes in when she talks about how makeup is all about empowerment, and that the definition of beauty is something we as women should be able to control, rather than corporations. YAS, GRACE, YAS!


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