Beyonce Wearing An Aaliyah Shirt Is My Favorite Thing Ever

Mad love for baby girl.
Photo: @beyonce’s Instagram

Wow. This image. I just. Wow. I am a huge Beyonce fan. Sure, you’re probably thinking, “Who’s not?” But I’m part of the breed that checks her Instagram immediately before going to sleep and promptly upon waking up. The kind that got at least 15 text messages the night the visual album dropped, asking if I was OK. The species that clawed off her boyfriend’s arm when Beyonce SURPRISE APPEARED during one of Jay Z’s inaugural concerts at Barclays Center. (Pro tip: Surprise Beyonce is even more mind-blowing than Expected Beyonce.) Quieter, though, is my deep-seated, several years running, head-over-heels love of Aaliyah. So, the King Bey + Baby Girl together is just ADFALDKFJGAKLFJGA for me.

Back, back, forth and forth.
Photo: @beyonce’s Instagram

Bey posted photos of herself wearing this Aaliyah sweatshirt to Instagram. The crewneck features a black-and-white printed photo of Miss Houghton circa Age Ain’t Nothin’ but a Number across the chest with red and white chevron stripes along the sleeves. (It’s by Revolution Riche and available for $179 if you’re looking to drop some serious coin on it.) What I want to know is: When is someone going to take THIS image and put it on a sweatshirt? Free idea, folks (as long as you mail me one, too)!

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