Kristen Stewart, Rihanna, And More Ditch Their Fancy Dresses For Met Gala's After Parties

After the party, as the saying goes, comes the after-party, and there were a whole lotta them after last night's Costume Institute Gala—because, unlike Cinderella, celebrities' fancy dresses don't disappear at the strike of midnight.

Kristen Stewart, Met Gala 2014

Nice tube socks, Kris.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Well, usually. In the case of a few of our faves, though, they very well may have. How else can you explain why Kristen Stewart, who was looking unusually ladylike in a Chanel number that had enough sequins to impress a prom queen, made a sudden reappearance in Chucks and a T-shirt (a perfect and frustratingly elusive worn-to-threads vintage tee that probably cost as much as a year's worth of Hanes crewnecks, but a tee nonetheless)?

Cara Delevingne, Met Gala 2014

The hair's the same.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Cara Delevingne, fellow sneaker-loving tomboy and streetwear enthusiast, swapped her sleek Stella McCartney pants for shredded black jeans and a motorcycle topper layered over a satin track jacket. I appreciate her layering prowess—it may be May, but spring hasn't really sprung in New York City and it's still waaaaay too cold out there for anything less than three layers unless you want to wear a winter coat, which, NOPE. However, unless you're like Cara Delevingne and possess a never-giving-an-eff superpower, it might be a good idea to wear more than a bra and a harness. While leather does keep you warm, leather harnesses? Not so much.

Rihanna, Met Gala 2014

How low can you go?
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Cara's occasional bestie Rihanna pulled a similar switch-up. Though, instead of changing into something a little more comfortable (not really a relevant adjective for Rih, who wears sweats, but only midriff-baring ones, and is into hoodies, but only paired with see-through lace skirts, because BALANCE, y'know?), she traded her slinky, exposed-back gown for... another equally slinky, even more exposed-back gown. Maybe Rihanna's idea of getting comfortable is ditching her underthings? Because she certainly wasn't wearing any. (Evidence above.)

Rita Ora, Met Gala 2014

Same awesome hair, same awesome shoes, same awesome sequins.
Photo: Getty Images/Splash News

Did Rita Ora ditch her dress for a romper, or since the two pieces had basically the exact same metallic sequin pattern, was she secretly wearing it the whole time? Kinda like when brides rip off their trains to unveil short, swishy party skirts except way cooler because most brides don't wear Donna Karan Atelier or lace-up-the-thigh heels? The world may never know.

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