Katy Perry's New Skirt Lifts Her Off The Ground

Katy Perry

Katy's skirt adds, like, ten feet.
Photo: @katyperry Instagram

We already had a feeling Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour wardrobe was going to be epic with her all-star lineup of designers like The Blonds, Di$count Universe, Valentino, and way more. But now we know it’s going to be epic, thanks to Katy’s most recent Instagram—her fave spot to preview all her tour outfits—featuring a larger-than-life yin-yang parachute skirt, designed by Johnny Wujek and Marco Marco.

Katy’s newest outfit component goes where no heels have been before, adding about 10 feet to the singer. The provocative skirt/lift/tent raises a few questions. Like, how does Katy get in and out of the contraption? Can she dance in it? And what is she hiding underneath it? Two days until we know! From the photo it looks like she’s paired the contraption with the Moschino smiley-face outfit she unveiled last week. This isn’t the first time Katy’s worn yin and yang fashion—back in 2012, on her Elle cover, she sported the monochromatic symbol on her nails. This time, it’s a lot easier to see.

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