Iggy Azalea Adds Seriously Awesome New Items To Her Online Store

Iggy Azalea

Iggy's new tour merch.
Photo: Iggy Azalea's Online Store

Hotel Iggy is officially open for business, y'all! Miss Azalea has been been teasing us with the promise of cool tour merchandise for a while now, and the first slew of items FINALLY went up on her online store today. Iggy gave us a sneak peak at the Art Deco sweatshirt earlier this week, and the rest of the items totally fit in with that same '80s Miami theme.

Among the new items are two T-shirts featuring the trademark "Hotel Iggy" design, plus another tee with Iggy's glammed-up visage on it (dibs!). There's also a sweet, see-through tote bag that would be perfect for long days spent on the beach. The site says it "allows you to display all the fancy items you have inside" (as long as you're willing to keep your belongings SUPER organized).

Iggy Azalea

Iggy's temporary tats.
Photo: @thenewclassic Instagram

The entire line of merch is awesome, but we are especially pumped about the "Iggy Ink" tattoo set—and it seems Iggy agrees with us. She posted the set on Instagram today, writing: "My fav new thing are these 'iggy ink' temp tattoo sets I made! Fun! #Halloween #TourTime #DressUp." IDK about you, but I'm going to be rocking those tats long before #Halloween.

Head over to Iggy's website to check out ALL of her sweet merch.

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